Fruity shoot

I've been working away at next summer's collections (yes, already!), it's all very exciting! One of the collections is going to be very bright, fun and zingy, and so we did a photo shoot last month involving...fruits! Food stylist extraordinaire Sharon Hearne-Smith brought in loads of cool fruits, half of which I'd never even heard of before! Dragon fruits, Sharon fruits, Tamarillos etc... So many I was eating fruit for a week afterwards! Did my health the world of good :o)

Stylist Jemma Connolly picked some lovely colourful dresses that fit in the spirit of the shoot perfectly, as well as some cool props including a gorgeous floral umbrella everyone would have liked to keep! Make up artist Rachel Matthews had the perfect palette of zingy colours, and wait till you see that hot pink nail varnish!

Photographer Cliona O'Flaherty captured the fun and zesty essence of the collection with her usual flair. Add to that Caoimhe's lovely smile and you've got the perfect photo shoot!

It was a very fun day and I still can't believe all these great people agreed to work on this shoot.
I have to keep the collection secret until January but...here's some behind the scenes pics to keep you going in the meantime...

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