The Happy Prince

I had made these swallow necklaces last summer and a lovely customer called Dúrle asked me if they had been inspired by the Happy Prince short story by Oscar Wilde. As I love Oscar Wilde but had never heard of this story I rushed home at the end of the day to find out more about it. And it was a beautiful story! And very fitting indeed, a swallow flying over the city with precious stones in its beek. Although it is a very sad story too, I must warn you! The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.

So even though I can't pretend the original necklace was inspired by it, after reading the story I decided to turn it into a full collection with swallow brooches and hairpins and call it The Happy Prince collection. I hope you'll be keeping your little swallow warm...

swallow bird brooch antiqued brass

swallow bird necklace antiqued brass by aliquoswallow bird brooch antiqued brass by aliquo


Autumn/Winter Photoshoot

I can finally reveal the images from the photoshoot we did in early August for the new collection. I've been very impatient to share them with you but had to keep them secret until the tradeshow... Here's a selection of my favourites! You can see the rest on my facebook page and I'll also be posting about each collection with more images very soon.

Grand Hotel Collection

 Shells collection

 Beautiful 1920s vintage clutch loaned by Horse and June, thank you!

 And that's my great grandmother's hat by the way... I think I'll start wearing it too!

 Secret Garden collection

The Happy Prince collection

 In the Woods collection

Gloria collection

photography by Yvonne Ryan
hair & make-up by Emma Farrell
Styling by Lisa Lu
Models Laura Hitchings (brunette) and Chloe Keogan (blonde)


Eclat de Mode

So I was in Paris for the Eclat de Mode tradeshow last week, presenting the autumn/winter collection and spreading the aliquo goodness! This was my fourth time exhibiting there and each time we change the colour scheme of the display to match the colours of the collection. So this time it was khaki. Well 'pois cassé' if you read the label on the pot of paint. It's surprisingly difficult to match paint samples to bead samples!


Les Vacances

I am taking a little break in the French countryside this week to visit my family. Our house is just outside a town called Pontchateau, not too far from Nantes in Brittany.
It's a lovely way to get a bit of fresh air and reconnect with nature (if you ignore the big road with the loud motorbikes...). Really enjoying the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers in the garden. It's a nice change from the smell of Guinness from our flat in Dublin! (we live right beside the factory)


Behind the scenes

So we had our photoshoot for the A/W collection last Thursday and it went swimmingly! A great team involved and two gorgeous models (you may recognise Chloe from the Pure Harte shoot last March) made for a fun day and great results. You'll need a little bit more patience to see the final images but in the meantime, here's some behind the scenes pics to whet your appetite!

 Gorgeous Laura in her preppy outfit

Photographer Yvonne had to stand up on a footrest to make up for Laura's 5" heels!

Always attentive to detail, Emma touches up Laura's make up

Stylist Lisa adjusting Laura's outfit 

Proof that chocolate definitely helps with concentration...

Our little forest-y set-up. You'll understand when you see the final thing!


Sneak peek at autumn/winter colours

I am very excited about the photoshoot we have planned this week for the new collection! I am hoping to make some little props out of patterned paper so first I had to figure out the right colours that matched the colours in the collection. My screen doesn't exactly match what comes out of the printer (to say the least!) so I had to do a few print tests first. I kinda like the look of the test document! It's just a bunch of colours really but I'm one of these people that could look at Pantone or paint books for hours on end... And I guess it's a sneak peak at what's coming up for Autumn/Winter...!


Mari Mari Styling

The lovely Mari from Marimari Styling borrowed some aliquo pieces a while back for an outdoor photoshoot. Here are my favourites!

Photography by Elena Benedettini
Hair & Make-up by Sinead Murphy


A bit of press

Look what's in the June edition of Social & Personal! (in the top right hand corner...)


Opening of Atelier 27

I've been very quiet on the blog front lately (sorry...) but I've been keeping busy behind the scenes! I am very proud to announce that aliquo is now available at Atelier 27 in Om Diva on Drury St.

Following her move from George's Street Arcade into Drury St, Om Diva owner Ruth Ni Loinsigh decided to take over the whole building and turn it into a sort of incubation space for young creatives. A bold move but she has been so enthusiastic about the whole project that it could only be successful! So...here's how it works - on the ground floor and basement is the Om Diva shop, with some of Ruth's own designs. On the first floor is Atelier 27, the retail space for young designers and on the upper floors are lots of gorgeous studio spaces. I could easily picture myself in one of those, with a slanted roof and a nice window overlooking Dublin. I'll have to stay working from home for now though, I don't think Kitty would ever forgive me if I left her on her own all day! (Yes, she is the boss, most definitely!)

But this post is supposed to be about last night's launch party...mainly because it was so full with people that I couldn't really get any pictures of the space itself...there were people queuing all the way up the stairs to get into the space! Big kudos to Ruth for organising such a successful event - prosecco cocktails, live music by Gypsy Rebel Rabble and lots and lots of cool fashion on show.

a glimpse of my jewellery

Ruth, the lady of the evening!


Photoshoot with Pure Harte

A few weeks ago, I joined efforts for a photoshoot with Katie from Pure Harte, a handmade label that specialises in very pretty dresses and floaty tops & skirts, all made with organic & fairtrade fabrics. Our two styles fitted perfectly for the shoot! Add to the mix a very talented photographer, three great models and lots of cupcakes and retro props and it was a very enjoyable day. Here's the result!

Photography by Emma Birkett
Make Up by Lou
Modelling by Sarah Kelleher, Chloe Keogan and Hannah O'Hare

And if you're really curious you can see lots more images on Katie's blog here.


Out with the old!

Yes, my new website is finally ready for you! It turned out to be a lot of work, especially for my boyfriend who is (un)lucky enough to be a web designer.... so a big big thank you to the lovely Declan! I'm very happy with the result. What do you guys think? Ok, so this blog doesn't match the site design yet but we'll get there, I think Declan really deserved a night off!

This is also a great opportunity for me to present the new collection for Spring/Summer 2011!