Catching up

Ok, so I've been bad, very very bad with blogging. And now I've too much news to catch up with! So I've decided to just start with 2011 (happy new year...!).

It started off pretty well with winning a Shériff de Mode award at the Eclat de Mode tradeshow in Paris, woohoo! Each year, Eclat de Mode organises the ‘Fashion Sheriffs’ awards, which go to 14 designers
at the show. Each of the seven jury members selects their two favourite designers based on creativity, workmanship, originality and quality criteria. I was pretty chuffed as you can imagine! And to top it all off, my friend Anka from Fabula also won an award for her beautiful upcycled jewellery. So only two of us from Ireland at the show and both of us won!

Then I was lucky enough to go to New York for a few days. Mainly to visit a tradeshow but also for a bit of inspiration. It's amazing how just looking at people and immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a great city can get your creative juices flowing! It's such a bustling place bursting with energy that I can't help feeling all refreshed and motivated for lots of new projects this year.

I did manage to fit in lots of great food, magazines, bookstores and of course cake. The bluest cake I've ever seen in fact. And here it is.

And some pics of Brooklyn in the snow, to finish off the update! (I'll try and be better this year)


  1. well done, it all sounds very exciting

  2. Bonjour,
    Après un séjour à Dublin ma maman m'a ramené un collier et des B.O de votre nouvelle collection qui sont vraiment très jolies, du coup je suis venue découvrir votre site et vos autres créations :-)
    J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites !
    Je crois que le mot qui correspondrait pour décrire vos créations ne se trouve qu'en anglais : lovely.


  3. Merci Emma, j'ai vu votre commentaire ce matin et ça m'a mise de bonne humeur pour toute la journée!

    Je suis ravie que mes créations vous aient plu! J'ai un blog en français aussi si vous etes curieuse... :o) http://aliquo.canalblog.com/