Opening of Atelier 27

I've been very quiet on the blog front lately (sorry...) but I've been keeping busy behind the scenes! I am very proud to announce that aliquo is now available at Atelier 27 in Om Diva on Drury St.

Following her move from George's Street Arcade into Drury St, Om Diva owner Ruth Ni Loinsigh decided to take over the whole building and turn it into a sort of incubation space for young creatives. A bold move but she has been so enthusiastic about the whole project that it could only be successful! So...here's how it works - on the ground floor and basement is the Om Diva shop, with some of Ruth's own designs. On the first floor is Atelier 27, the retail space for young designers and on the upper floors are lots of gorgeous studio spaces. I could easily picture myself in one of those, with a slanted roof and a nice window overlooking Dublin. I'll have to stay working from home for now though, I don't think Kitty would ever forgive me if I left her on her own all day! (Yes, she is the boss, most definitely!)

But this post is supposed to be about last night's launch party...mainly because it was so full with people that I couldn't really get any pictures of the space itself...there were people queuing all the way up the stairs to get into the space! Big kudos to Ruth for organising such a successful event - prosecco cocktails, live music by Gypsy Rebel Rabble and lots and lots of cool fashion on show.

a glimpse of my jewellery

Ruth, the lady of the evening!

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