The Happy Prince

I had made these swallow necklaces last summer and a lovely customer called Dúrle asked me if they had been inspired by the Happy Prince short story by Oscar Wilde. As I love Oscar Wilde but had never heard of this story I rushed home at the end of the day to find out more about it. And it was a beautiful story! And very fitting indeed, a swallow flying over the city with precious stones in its beek. Although it is a very sad story too, I must warn you! The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.

So even though I can't pretend the original necklace was inspired by it, after reading the story I decided to turn it into a full collection with swallow brooches and hairpins and call it The Happy Prince collection. I hope you'll be keeping your little swallow warm...

swallow bird brooch antiqued brass

swallow bird necklace antiqued brass by aliquoswallow bird brooch antiqued brass by aliquo

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