Whispers - soft geometrics

Hi everyone! I updated the online shop today with my new Whispers collection. I think this is my favourite of the season! I don't normally pay too much attention to trends but I really love this geometric thing at the moment and I couldn't resist coming up with my version of it. All soft and subtle (hence the name!) jewellery. Hope you like it!

These bracelets and earrings are all gold-plated and available in three colour combinations of pastel opals. As always, you are more than welcome to ask for extra colour options though!


Hummingbirds for spring

My new Flutters collection is now available! These lovely little hummingbirds are made of brass, plated with 18k gold in a satin finish and adorned with tiny little Swarovski crystal cabochons in opal colours. The plating is high quality, so it won't wear off too quickly, and it's also nickel-free of course. It took me a while to find him but I am pretty proud of my plater. His workshop is based in Paris and he also works for the all the haute couture designers (ooh la la, makes you feel special now, doesn't it!)

Hope you like them! I'm keeping one of the rings in every colour for myself ;o)