Whispers - soft geometrics

Hi everyone! I updated the online shop today with my new Whispers collection. I think this is my favourite of the season! I don't normally pay too much attention to trends but I really love this geometric thing at the moment and I couldn't resist coming up with my version of it. All soft and subtle (hence the name!) jewellery. Hope you like it!

These bracelets and earrings are all gold-plated and available in three colour combinations of pastel opals. As always, you are more than welcome to ask for extra colour options though!

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  1. Hi Alice,
    Wow, you create such lovely pieces of jewelry! Congratulations on the blog too, it's a sweet place to be in! I'm still busy visiting other fellow students of the Blog Boss e-course and I had to leave a comment here! :-) Keep up the great work, your jewelry looks really beautiful.
    Inge x