A little trip to Porto... accommodation

Finally, the last part of my little guide to Porto with tips on where to stay. Well, it's just a review of the two places we stayed in really, but it might be of some help of you're planning a trip of your own!

6only guesthouse porto portugal hotel

We stayed for two nights in the beautiful 6Only guesthouse and loved it! It's run by a lovely young couple who renovated a really old derelict building and turned it into their guesthouse and their home (they live on the top floor). It's very much a cool boutique hotel and designed like one. You can tell they are really proud of the place and they genuinely enjoy looking after their guests, which makes you feel at home straight away. There's a lovely sitting room where you can hang out, listen to music and read a selection of books they have there for you (in case it's raining, which it was!). Mariana & Pedro are also full of great advice about the city and can recommend great local places to eat (that's how we found out about the amazing sandwich place, Casa Guedes).

The breakfast is delicious, lots of choice with some local pastries and quince jam homemade by Pedro's mom. And there is jazz playing in the background, what a lovely way to start the day! We decided to start doing that at home at the weekends too.

You can see below how much work was involved in renovating that building, assuming it looked like the one next door to it originally. What an exciting project that must have been!

The other place we stayed in (6only was booked out for the first two nights) was the B&B Hotel Porto Centro. It doesn't have as much character and feels a little bit less personal but it's a great option if you're on a tight budget and is amazing value at that price. The rooms are super clean, modern and the bathroom has one of those big rain showers, love them! The setting is also quite nice, it's in a gorgeous building that used to be a cinema.

Both places are really near each other and in a perfect location in the centre of the older part of town, a 5 minute walk to the metro. You can walk pretty much everywhere but the metro is handy for the airport.

And that's it for the review! I'll leave you with a couple more photos of Porto that I couldn't fit anywhere else :o)

tiled shop front porto portugal


  1. It looks like you had so much fun on your Easter weekend, I'm glad to read that! And wow, I totally love 6Only! That guesthouse is looking amazing, you can tell it's renovated with much love. I would stay here if I'm going to Porto someday, it looks great... Love these old buildings who stick together like 'glue'. :-)

  2. And the best thing about 6only is the owners, they just so so nice and genuinely care about their guests! Let me know if you ever go over :o)