Discovered in Madrid: Citizens Collectible

So, here goes, I have a serious addiction for stationery. I'm always drooling over pretty notebooks and silly stickers. I never have enough! I was in Madrid just over a week ago selling my jewellery at the Nomada Market and came across the Citizens Collectible stand.

It was their stationery (penguin notebooks to be precise!) that caught my eye initially but they also do handmade dolls and they have this really clever and lovely concept: They make little 'citizens' to order. Designer Liliana starts with her own basic original illustration and then you can ask for customised features like hair colour, haircut, outfit, glasses etc... what a brilliant idea!

Her illustrations are also screenprinted onto notebooks, tote bags and even baby onesies but my favourites are the personalised dolls. It's like Liliana is creating a whole new population of little felt people! They would make a very original gift for a new family (complete with pets and everything!) or a newly married couple.

personalized dolls family with dogs

Let me know if you get some, I'd love to see what they look like! Oh, and in case you are wondering about the penguin notebook, it's actually in Liliana's other etsy shop right here.


  1. OH my goodness! Those dolls are so precious! I would love to get a family set made for my Mom, complete with grandchildren. She would be in heaven! Thanks for sharing!